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Welcome to the Ruins.  The Ruins is a complete supplement for the RPG by Gila RPGs, Slayers.    

From a time before The City, there were the Runic Engineers.  These Engineers were responsible for almost all of the advances of this age, as well as its downfall.  What mysteries have the Engineers left behind for the new age to find?  What power lies within the depths that are The Ruins?

This supplement contains a new district for Slayers where you will be able to explore the ruins from a time long gone.  

  • What secrets will The Library expose?
  • What can be found within The Warehouse?

In addition to a new district, there is also a new class, the Runic Lord.  The Runic Lord takes advantage of 26 runes which combine to create boons for the Slayer and allies or a hindrance to enemies and foes.  Can you also decrypt the Sojngan language? 

There is also a new Hunt that takes a group through the Labyrinth, a maze of corridors and rooms that house dangers and knowledge.   Can your group make it through unscathed?  Will you be able to extract the knowledge that may be lurking deep in its depths?

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
TagsClasses, district, Horror, hunt, pdf, slayers-rpg


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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SlayersClassRunicLord_TomeofKnowledge_A5.pdf 256 kB
SlayersClassRunicLord_Session_Hunts_A5.pdf 119 kB
SlayersClassRunicLord_Handout01_A5.pdf 86 kB
SlayersClassRunicLord_TheBookOfRunes_A5.pdf 113 kB
SlayersClassRunicLord_District_A4.pdf 71 kB

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Sojngan_Runes.pdf 55 kB
RunicLordCS.pdf 502 kB
SlayersClassRuneLord_A4.pdf 918 kB

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I've noticed that the character sheet (RunicLordCS.pdf) still has no attack dice. Also...are u going to update your character to Slayers 1.5?

And...it's a little confusing having some files in the demo download section and some others in the private/purchased section. Maybe you can add there too?

Hey cl4yton.  What is confusing with the files?  I have it setup so that for the most part the class is free to play, but then there are other background files that I have put a lot of time into that, I had hoped, would lead people to toss some change my way if they found the class worth it.  

There happens to be 8 community copies left, at the time of this reply, that would allow you to snag them all if you don't already have them all.

As to the CS.  Thanks for catching that.  I do have some updates to consider with the 1.5 version dropping, but in general nothing *needs* to change.  The classes will still work the way that they are :)  Is there anything specific in 1.5 that you are looking at?



Purchased the class time ago, no need community copy, but thanks. The confusion is that when you go to the "paid" download section don't have all the files. You have to download part of the files from the free section and some from the paid. I think the paid section should have all the files to avoid confusion (maybe it's just me but I find it confusing). 

1.5 rules have a new ready action and 1.0 classes don't. 

Everything should now be updated, and I tweaked a few things to make the class more... interesting, I hope.

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Seems interesting for a card game fan. Runic Lord is a ranged or melee character?

(2 edits)

There really isn't any one attack type intended.  If ranged fits your image more, use that.  Otherwise a sword and shield, or Crows-Beak will do just as handily!

With it being a magical class, how the attack looks in the end is completely up to interpretation.  I can see it as being a mage flinging spells from a distance, or even a mage creating magical weapons to use.